The story of Made in Finland Shop

How was born the new home for responsibly and ecologically produced products?
When the heart beating for responsibly and ecological manufacturing and craftsmanship, there was no other option than to build your lifework on that. Made in Finland Shop is Salla and Tomas common dream of doing good for the earth by one product at a time. As a young couple, they have already seen and experienced a lot. Tomas has trained as a cabinet maker and worked as an entrepreneur in the Finnish wood furniture industry's iconic Puulon. Salla has worked in the furniture industry for production and marketing tasks. They know that the competition sector is fierce. Foreign low-priced and god knows where and of what made of furniture's invading the shops and quality manufacturers are in tight price competition. However, there is still one of the more excellent manufacturers in the world. Small, stunning, and innovative companies are set up continuously. At the same time, the world raises its head at valuing handcrafts, quality, and responsible manufacturing. That's why the Made in Finland Shop is there!
For you to find the best and highest quality, genuinely responsibly products for your home.

There is no end to this story. It is written together with you.

Tomas & Salla Nordström
Founders of Made in Finland Shop