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Made in Finland Shop is a dependable Finnish family company that sells responsible and ecological furniture and home decoration made in Finland.

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A dependable Finnish family company

Made in Finland Shop is a young couple's dream come true.

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100% Finnish products

Responsibly, sustainably and ecologically produced products from Finland.

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You can pay safely by card, online, later or even in installments.

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"Many Finns have had a rag rug in their home. I wanted to make something familiar, cozy and still something modern that fits even modern homes. "

Marja Lares, entrepreneur

"Human hands have an impact on every product. By doing that, we make sure of the high-quality and flawlessness of the product."

Jaakko Järvi, entrepreneur

"The quality of the surface. That is made by hand. You want to touch and feel our products."

Hannu Tuukkanen, entrepreneur
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How was born the new home for responsibly and ecologically produced products?
Made in Finland Shop is Salla's and Tomas's common dream of doing good for the earth one product at a time. As a young couple, they have already seen and experienced a lot. They know that the competition sector is fierce. Foreign low-priced and god knows where and of what made of furniture's invading the shops and quality manufacturers are in tight price competition. However, there is still one of the more excellent manufacturers in the world. Small, stunning, and innovative companies are set up continuously. That's why the Made in Finland Shop is there! For you to find the best and highest quality, genuinely responsibly products for your home.

Salla & Tomas