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AIKAdesign Veto Paper Towel Holder

AIKAdesign Veto Paper Towel Holder

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AIKAdesign Veto Paper Towel Holder

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AIKAdesign Veto Paper Towel Holder Metallic black (Rock Black)
Metallic black (Rock Black)
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AIKAdesign Veto Paper Towel Holder Shiny white (Pure White)
Shiny white (Pure White)
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Veto Paper Towel Holder

The Veto paper towel holder is a high-quality metal paper towel holder designed and manufactured in Finland. It’s a stylish and easy-to-use solution for everyday use. The Veto paper towel holder makes your everyday life easier. Its ingenious design protects the paper and makes it easy to tear out a piece with one hand. The cellular rubber at the bottom keeps the stand in place and protects the surface of the table to prevent scratches. The Veto paper towel holder is a standard accessory in every home. Its simplistic design makes it suitable for any home, and it's also nice to look at in a table setting.

One of the best aspects of the Veto paper towel holder is its sturdy construction, which allows you to tear the paper with just one hand. Cellular rubber at the base, combined with the steel frame, makes the stand really sturdy and durable. A hygienic cover that protects the paper from splashes and is easy to wipe clean from cooking spills and dirt. The holder is suitable for outdoor use, as the paper will not flutter in the wind, and its sturdy construction keeps the holder upright even in strong winds. This makes cooking outdoors much easier, as you can keep a paper towel close by that won’t get carried away by the wind. Choose your favorite from classic and bright colour options!

Veto paper towel holder product information:

  • Material
    • Powder-coated steel
  • Dimensions
    • Height 24 cm
    • Diameter 12.5 cm
  • Weight
    • 0.85 kg
  • Designed by Henri Sydänheimo
  • Place of manufacture: Ylöjärvi, Finland


AIKAdesign® is a Finnish brand whose design and production are based in Finland. AIKAdesign invests in Finnish expertise with pride. Read more about AIKAdesign from this link.

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